28 Great Pyrenees rescued from “horror film-like” property in Buhl

“You’ve got multiple litters, inbreeding, worms, parasites, all sorts of stuff going on out there. It was a pretty bad situation.”
Published: Apr. 16, 2021 at 5:50 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — On March 28, Unega Mountain Dog Rescue reported to a property in Buhl to gather an uncertain number of Great Pyrenees that neighbors had reported as running wild. What owner Tiffany Larson saw when she got there was one of the most blatant animal neglect cases she’d seen.

“You’ve got feral dogs, you’ve got no vaccinations, you’ve got no vet care, you’ve got multiple litters, inbreeding, worms, parasites, all sorts of stuff going on out there,” says Larson. “It was a pretty bad situation.”

According to Larson, 28 dogs have been recovered from the property with 4 dogs still to be recovered.

When she got the dogs back to her Bellevue facility, Lawson began to evaluate how dire the situation was. The parasites had been so rampant that many dogs had sheet-white gums, a sign they had no nutritional content in their systems.

As tragic as this is, Lawson believes the “livestock” classification of these working dogs is what is the most disheartening, as owners need not care for them in a way that the dogs need.

“They don’t have to feed them, they can shoot them at will, they can drown litters of puppies, they don’t spay or neuter, they don’t vaccinate, they don’t deworm,” says Larson. “So, you have this epidemic, nobody is held accountable with that listing of classification.”

Many working dogs are properly cared for, but Lawson wants to see the classification changed so these issues can be avoided.

Some positive news, all but two of the puppies rescued are lined up for adoption, but the adult dogs will have a much harder time adapting to human interaction.

If you’d like to help, visit the Bellvue facility to hand treats to adult dogs to help them regain the trust of humans.

Twin Falls County Sheriff Department says the case for animal cruelty is still open, and charges have yet to be filed. KMVT will update the story as it unfolds.

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