May Marathon Challenge is underway in Magic Valley

Twin Falls Public Library encouraging people to get outside and read
Published: May. 2, 2021 at 8:03 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — During the pandemic, many people were stuck inside, not able to enjoy the spoils of the Magic Valley. Twin Falls Public Library has a plan to help reverse that this summer.

The May Marathon Challenge is to run, walk or read a combined 262 minutes during the month.

“We’re coming into spring. People are finally being able to kind of get outside after the winter,” says Library Program Specialist CJ Rasmusson, “so we thought we’d tie that into getting out, get moving, get reading, and just kind of back out into the world.”

While the challenge is open to anyone, the Children’s Librarian Kasi Allen knows kids are naturally inclined to move, and she hopes as many kids as possible are involved in the marathon.

“We’re always telling kids that there are tons of different types of reading, just because your teacher has told you to read a certain kind of material that doesn’t mean you can’t listen to audiobooks or read magazines,” says Allen. “It’s a great way to move your body and get reading in at the same time, listening to audiobooks while you’re running or walking with your family.”

Participants can track their progress using the ReaderZone app, using code db19c, which will enter them for prize drawings at the end of the month.

While the grand prize hasn’t been chosen yet, past prizes have included free meals from local restaurants, event tickets and season passes for Magic Valley parks.

“Our reading challenges are really popular with families especially families with lots of kids,” says Allen, “mom can get on the app and just log every kid’s reading that day the kids can get prizes, it’s a good incentive. And we find that kids want to read anyway so getting a prize for something they want to do is great.”

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