Officials hold event on water safety in Twin Falls

Goal is to limit water-related emergencies
Published: Jul. 18, 2021 at 4:32 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Saturday morning, the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Department and the Idaho Department of Recreation teamed up to hold an event on water safety at Centennial Park.

“The goal today is to try to inform people of what’s required on the water,” said Matt Lowe of the Idaho Department of Recreation. “We’re trying to keep people safe.”

The most important message this event was pushing was wearing life jackets.

“Life jackets save lives,” said Southwest Idaho Boating and Training Coordinator Jessica Smith. “They’re no good to you sitting in your car. It increases your chances of survival in the water by 100%.”

Having a life jacket is so important that the IDR installed a free life jacket loaner station next to the boat docks at Centennial Park.

“We put up a life jacket loaner station,” said Lowe. “People can borrow them for the day, and when they come back they can hang them up and they’ll be there for the next day.”

Even if people wear their life jackets, it’s important they wear them the right way.

“We’ve seen quite a few people wearing them the incorrect way,” said Smith. “Educating people on how to wear them correctly is important. Our loaner station has directions on how to put one on.”

In order to ensure your life jacket is on correctly, be sure it fits snuggly around your body. If you pull the shoulder area up, be sure the life jacket doesn’t shift around.

A fun day on the water could be ruined without the proper responsibility.

“Just be responsible, and be safe,” said Lowe.

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