Soldier Mountain in the midst of first season with downhill mountain biking

“A lot of it is getting the word out and letting people know that this a new opportunity”
Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 9:19 AM MDT
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FAIRFIELD, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Soldier Mountain is the newest member of the mountain biking community in Idaho.

Now, 11 of Idaho’s ski areas offer mountain biking. Why the sport is becoming so popular?

“It’s actually better enjoyed socially distanced and everything like that, so it seems like the uptick has been fueled by that,” said Soldier Mountain Bike Park Manager Nick Teresko.

Soldier just held its first competition, and it’s been the highlight of the season so far.

“You get to meet different people clear from Sun Valley and out of state even who come here just to see these events to see what it’s like over here and have fun,” said Soldier employee Timothy Paul.

Teresko, and his crew of eight, work to keep the four new bike paths ready to go, event or not.

“A lot of it is getting the word out and letting people know that this is a new opportunity,” Teresko said.

The area also does do classes when they are open for biking on the weekend, so beginners can get a chance to test the sport out. Also, there are bikes available for rent on a first come first serve basis.

“Our green trail is just right around two miles, and it’s something, we have a three-year-old that rips that trail, so it’s made for everybody,” Teresko said.

Teresko thinks, even more can be done at Soldier to get people on the mountain.

“I’d love to put more investment into our programming whether it’s in camps with our youth, women’s groups, men’s groups, anything to motivate people to come out and enjoy camaraderie,” Teresko said.

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