Animal shelter’s medical fund gives animals a second chance at a forever home

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 7:41 AM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The Twin Falls Animal Shelter works to find every animal their forever home, but sometimes when an animal walks through their doors, they need a little extra love and care.

“They may have an abscess tooth, a broken leg, or things like that, but they are otherwise adoptable,” said Debbie Blackwood with the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. “We want to get that medical attention and care for them and get them well so they join the adoptable animal league.”

The medical fund is a separate account and is run on donations, fundraisers and grants. The upcoming Pooch Splash is one of the largest fundraisers of the year for the shelter.

“We get close to 4,000 animals annually and many of them need veterinary care, so the pooch splash, the funds from it, go toward the care, the veterinary care of the animals in our community that we take care of,” said Blackwood.

In Gooding, a puppy was surrendered last week and was diagnosed with parvo soon after. He passed away on Saturday night.

“I was in the process of looking for an adoption for him when he came down sick,” said Mike Kelley, the ordinance officer for the city of Gooding.

The Gooding Animal Shelter’s medical fund is so small they work with local non-profits to get the animals the care they need. Kelley says rescues and shelters all across the state work together to get animals where they need to go.

“We are a true no kill shelter, in almost 7 years I’ve never put a dog down, this is the first one I’ve had go naturally, it is sad but it happens sometimes,” said Kelley.

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