Rising Stars Therapeutic Riding Center gearing up for annual fundraiser

Published: Aug. 22, 2021 at 9:45 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Rising Stars Therapeutic Riding Center began in 2009 with 14 participants, and now, in their 13th year are able to help more than 100 people per week.

“I know without rising stars I wouldn’t have the courage I do now to do a lot of things,” said participant Dani Lamp.

Dani Lamp has been participating in Rising Stars Therapeutic Riding Center’s program for 10 years, and for her, it has been life changing.

“It’s just helped me with my confidence, and balance and even in my daily activities, I’ve noticed that I’m becoming more and more used to being self sufficient,” said Lamp.

Lamp, who is blind, is able to maneuver her horse Paisley through the arena by using the sound of bells.

“Echolocation, since this arena is so big, and it echoes so much, the bells help so that I know where to turn the horse to the certain area where the bell is going,” said Lamp.

Through the program, people with different challenges are able to work on their balance, coordinate and build connections with the horses and volunteers.

“This program tends to focus on physical and developmental challenges but so often, there is other stuff that goes hand in hand with those things,” said Marni Porath, the director.

The center is a non-profit and run by mainly volunteers. On September 18, they will be hosting their largest fundraiser of the year inside their new indoor arena.

The Dining With the Stars fundraiser will raise close to half their yearly funds.

“We’ve finished our indoor facility, and now we are able to offer opportunities year-round, it’s a growth period for us, in terms of being able to serve more people and a larger diversity of people,” said Porath.

For information on their fundraiser, visit their website.

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