Scoular’s new program for Barley producers offers more options for their yield

Published: Aug. 23, 2021 at 5:30 PM MDT
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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Idaho was the nation’s number 1 barley producing state in 2020, and seeing the opportunity that barley presents, Scoular is now offering farmers another option for their harvest, they’re calling it Barley MVP.

“Barley MVP is a producer-focused program that is highlighting the many options that there are for barley, be it food, feed, or production,” said Andy Hohweiler, with Scoular.

Currently, almost all of the barley goes to the malt industry. Dustin Miller says this program will be beneficial to his farm.

“In the past we’ve only had one option, to raise malt barley and sell it to one of the breweries or Heizer Busch or Coors, and now with them offering to buy all this other stuff we have another choice to sell it as a premium price, whether it doesn’t make the grade for one of the breweries, or we can just sell it to them right off the bat,” said Dustin Miller with Mix Miller farms.

Idaho has the perfect climate for growing barley with its hot dry temperatures and not requiring much water. Miller says, their yield is down this year compared to last.

“Our yields were down quite a bit because of the heat, and it just stressed the plants out a bit because of the heat, in an early stage, our yields were down significantly,” said Miller.

But Scoular is glad to be able to offer another option for farmers when it comes time to harvest their barley.

“This is a producer-focused program, we want to try to empower and deliver the most impact-worthy tools for the grower,” said Hohweiler.

For more information on their program, visit their website.

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