Salute to Idaho Agriculture: Sliman and Butler Irrigation

“No, there’s nothing we don’t do, any type of farming.”
Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 5:13 PM MDT
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GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — From Gooding to Twin Falls, sugar beets to famous Idaho potatoes, Sliman and Butler Irrigation supplies farms across the Magic Valley with all their water needs.

So, is there anything agricultural that Dave Butler and his team don’t do?

“No, there’s nothing we don’t do,” Butler said, “any type of farming.”

Since 1977, the Sliman and Butler have grown alongside the Ag industry in Idaho, changing with the times.

“As farmers wanted to get more efficient, we went to sprinkler irrigation systems, lateral types of handlines and wheel lines,” said Butler. “Then to pivots and pivots have become way more popular.”

As water has become scarcer, the company has continued to provide the most efficient systems possible, allowing for larger yields with less water, and drought years like 2021 make them even more important.

“If you’re on 60-80% of the water you have to make that water stretch and work,” said Butler. “So, we become way more important in a drought year than if there are floodwaters.”

Butler says he is proud to be a fixture in Idaho’s most important industry.

“I have some pride,” said Butler. “I think that I have changed, and we as a company have changed, the face of agriculture over the past forty years in the Magic Valley.”

Bulter has come a long way, from the young boy on a farm in Gooding, to the head of a half-century-old staple in Idaho Agriculture.

“I’ve always loved farming,” said Butler. “I grew up on a farm, but my favorite part of the job is meeting the farmers, they’re good people around here.”

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