Behind the Business: Twin Falls Veterinary Clinic

Medical director Dr. Zsigmond Szanto says this has been a lifelong dream for him
Published: Sep. 29, 2021 at 3:21 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Just off of Eastland Avenue on 4th Avenue East, the Twin Falls Veterinary Clinic has been serving customers all around the Magic Valley for over 20 years.

Medical director Dr. Zsigmond Szanto says this has been a lifelong dream for him.

“Maybe it’s a cliché story but everybody wants to be a veterinarian at one point,” he said. “I just followed through and no obstacle could stop me from becoming one.”

Becoming a vet is far from an easy task though. “It is a long journey to become a veterinarian. It takes a lot of determination, and then the real world starts just after that,” said Szanto.

For Dr. Szanto, his journey has been even longer than most vets. “I lived in Transylvania, and I moved here when I was about 21-years-old and I did start out with two jobs, one at the potato plant and another in a lab,” he said. “Transferring from here to WSU, I was the first one to be accepted from a two-year college.”

Even after going to college, Szanto had a special connection to the Magic Valley.

“The connection to the community was instant when we moved here and it is truly the Magic Valley, and I don’t think anyone could pick one particular reason that they think it’s magic,” he said.

A unique aspect of Szanto’s clinic is his views on practicing veterinary medicine. “I don’t look at veterinary medicine as a competition, it is a calling that we have and an interest in medicine,” he said. “And how far we take it as far as after college, college is just the baseline and what we do afterward. That counts tremendously.”

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