Volunteers help Sawtooth NRA and Idaho Fish and Game restore Badger fire burn scar

“I’m pretty happy, I think we’re going to have some good survival of these shrubs.”
Published: Oct. 17, 2021 at 9:32 PM MDT
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SOUTH HILLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Idaho Fish and Game partnered with the Sawtooth National Forest and local volunteers to restore sections of the Badger fire burn scare in the South Hills.

For Southern Idaho locals, this section of land is important for many reasons.

“A lot of people come out here; hunt, fish, trap, recreate out here,” said event organizer Brandon Tycz of Idaho Fish and Game. “Having that natural ecosystem back to the way it was, they enjoy seeing that.”

When Brinlee Hine and her family heard about the Badger fire last year, they knew they would do anything to help get the landscape back to its glory.

“We always are up here in the mountain,” Hine said. “My family was devastated and everything. We go camping up here every year, usually four times a year. So I just wanted to come up and support and help.”

According to Tycz, it was not only the more than 80 volunteers that helped, but Mother Nature also played a role.

“We actually got some good soil moisture and out here we don’t have a lot of competition with cheatgrass,” Tycz said, “So I’m pretty happy. I think we’re going to have some good survival of these shrubs.”

For Tycz, days like this remind him, and all of Fish and Game, why they work so hard to preserve the heritage of fishing and hunting in Idaho.

They do it for everyone who cares so much about that tradition and the land that carries it.

“The character of the folks of Idaho, it’s top-notch, right?” said Tycz. “They are the ones that, when this fire was going last summer, they were already calling saying ‘we want to give back, what can we do?’ So we got their information, did our press releases and they were absolutely able to come help.”

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