Ketchum welcomes new city hall building

Published: Dec. 6, 2021 at 9:38 AM MST
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KETCHUM, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) —Ketchum’s new city hall is creating different energy in the downtown area, and bringing new life to an old existing building. KMVT took a look to see how the new facility is helping officials offer better service to the community, and what the old city hall space will now be used for.

About a month ago Ketchum’s city leaders vacated the old city hall building and moved into their new building on the Westside of the downtown area. The city bought the new city hall building three and a half years ago and finished remodels in October.

“All and all we are in for $4.5 million for something that has 15,000 square feet. I’m delighted. I’m thrilled we bought it when we did because property prices have changed since that time,” said Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw.

The new building has 12 offices and is home to administration, finance, building, and the police department. The fire department now has its facility. The old city hall was causing a lot of issues for the city, some of which were impacting the overall health and happiness of the staff. The old city hall was originally built to be a car dealership.

“The police department didn’t have windows in a lot of the rooms. They didn’t know if it was snowy or sunny outside. Now at least they have windows, and they have a great space. Everyone has a great space, and that is good for everyone,” Bradshaw said.

The new building is also more spacious for city council and planning and zoning meetings. At the old location residents usually had to sit outside for public meetings.

“Good governance comes from cognitive. Not only with technology but also with the physical space,” Bradshaw said.

The mayor adds the old city hall location will not go to waste. It will be used for the village 56 unit Bluebird Village affordable housing project.

“We have been able to do musical chairs perfectly to allow for more affordable housing to be built in our town. Something that is desperately needed in this housing crisis,” Bradshaw said.

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