Salute to Idaho Agriculture: 1000 Springs Mill

At 1,000 Springs Mill, they take an organic growing process seriously
Salute to Idaho Agriculture
Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 4:51 PM MST
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BUHL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Two Magic Valley farmers and cousins, Tim Cornie and Kurt Mason, operated over 1,000 acres combined.

One day, 5 years ago, they came across an old, 150,000 square foot facility on the east end of Buhl and had an idea.

“They came together and decided to buy this old plant and decided to turn all their products into food for the community,” said warehouse director Nicholas Weaver.

Now, the product Cornie and Mason grow comes directly to their own facility, 1000 Springs Mill, for the post-farm, pre-table processes.

“We take all that dirty product straight out of the field, goes through our cleaner,” said Weaver. “Some of our stuff goes through a color sorter, some stuff like that, then eventually it makes it into a package.”

Within the facility, a variety of products are prepared for sales across the state, country, and world. “Five different types of beans, we do barleys, we do a special barley called barley max that’s only available here for now and we do other cereal grains, we do popcorn,” Weaver said.

At 1,000 Springs Mill, they take an organic growing process seriously, hoping to lead by example and show other Idaho farms the potential of clean growing.

“Our motto is ‘healthy people, healthy future’, and that’s what we’re bringing to the Magic Valley and nationwide,” said Organic Compliance coordinator Abra Snow.

What started as a coming together of two third-generation farmers hopes to grow a strong legacy that carries an important message.

“People are starting to understand that food doesn’t come from a grocery store. We need to start supporting farmers and ranchers, that’s truly where your food comes from,” Snow said.

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