Weekend Weather Blog: February in Review

Weekend Weather Blog: February in Review
Weekend Weather Blog: February in Review(Sergeybor | Getty Images/iStockphoto)
Published: Mar. 5, 2022 at 7:54 PM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — We have reached the end of meteorological winter. For those of you who like spring, it’s time to rejoice. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s take a look back at the last winter month, meteorologically speaking, and see how we faired.

Unfortunately, February didn’t provide the sort of relief that we were all hoping for as far as the drought goes. While December was exceptionally snowy, January saw an end to the trend - and February’s weather continued January’s dry pattern.

Before we get to precipitation, however, let’s talk about the temperatures. Remember, there are 3 climate reporting stations in our viewing area - Twin Falls, Burley, and Jerome. While the pattern remained dry, the snowpack from late December and early January allowed the region to stay fairly cool.

In Twin Falls, we saw an average high of 35.7 degrees Fahrenheit. This was 6.1 degrees below the climatological normal of 41.8 degrees. Jerome wasn’t much different, seeing an average high of 32.2°, 9.2° below the normal of 41.4°. Burley continued the trend of a cool February, with an average high of 35.8°, 6.9° degrees below the normal of 42.7°.

While the entire region saw a colder than normal February, precipitation wasn’t as helpful as we initially thought. Remember, precipitation is measured as the liquid equivalent, meaning all of the snow has to be melted down to just the water contained within the snow.

Twin Falls was dry as a bone for the month of February, seeing just 0.06″ of precipitation - a staggering 0.62″ below the normal of 0.68″. Jerome didn’t fair much better, only seeing a trace of precipitation. This clocked in at 0.72″ below the normal of 0.72″. Burley was unfortunately similar, only seeing 0.6″ of precipitation, 0.63″ below the normal of 0.69″.

Unfortunately for us here in southern Idaho, the dry weather continued. However, northern Idaho continued to see similar weather to December’s and January’s. This allowed for a very tiny sliver of the state (near Montana) to exit drought conditions altogether. Unfortunately for us though, we still remain in a drought.

It will take a lot of rain and snow in March in April to continue to better the drought situation here in Southern Idaho. Here’s to hoping this is the case!

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