Weekend Weather Blog: April in review

Raindrops(Alaska's Weather Source)
Published: May. 7, 2022 at 4:42 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — What a welcome pattern change - after a bone dry three month period, we finally got some decent rainfall in April. You know the old saying - April showers bring May flowers, and the showers we saw in April will help. Was this rain enough though? Let’s take a look back in the last month, and see what the numbers were.

As always we’ll begin with temperatures, and we’ll compare them to average. Remember the three climate reporting sites are Twin Falls, Jerome, and Burley.

Twin Falls saw an average high temperature of 55.6° Fahrenheit. Like the months before, Twin Falls remained below normal, coming in at 3.1° below the normal of 58.7°. Jerome was no exception to this as well - coming in at 55.9°, 4° below the normal of 59.9°. Burley clocked in at 55.7°, 3.8° degrees below the normal of 59.5°.

Temperatures continually trended below normal for the month of April. This continues a 4 month streak of below normal temperatures for Southern Idaho - something I’m sure is welcomed after a nearly record-breaking summer as far as heat goes last year.

Where did we stand as far as precipitation goes, though? Remember, while we did see a lot more precipitation compared to the previous few months, that isn’t saying much. January, February and March all saw nearly 0 precipitation for the entire time period.

The good news? Twin Falls finally saw above average rainfall - clocking in at 1.2″ of rain for the entire month, .07″ above the normal of 1.13″. While it’s barely above average, it’s still above average - and any amount of precipitation helps.

Unfortunately, Jerome didn’t fare as well, coming in at 0.66″ of rain. This was 0.4″ below the normal of 1.06″. Burley didn’t fare as well either - in fact, they fared worse, coming in at only 0.15″. This was a whopping 0.94″ below the normal of 1.09″.

All in all, while the rainfall did help, it certainly wasn’t a drought buster. Here’s to hoping for more rain for the month of May.

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