Greater Idaho forces ballot initiative in northern Oregon county

Almost half of Oregon’s territory has voted in favor of joining Idaho, according to Greater Idaho
Greater Idaho map
Greater Idaho map(Greater Idaho)
Published: May. 27, 2022 at 11:41 AM MDT
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MORROW COUNTY, Oregon (KMVT/KSVT) — Greater Idaho announced Friday they have submitted a petition to force a ballot initiative in Morrow County, Oregon to join Idaho.

287 signatures were submitted. As of May, nine counties in eastern Oregon have voted for the movement’s ballot measures.

Eastern Oregon remains an area that leans very heavily for the GOP, leaving them at odds with a traditionally Democratic Oregon.

“Our representatives would be heard in the Idaho Legislature because they would be a part of the majority party there,” said Greater Idaho founder Mike McCarter. “Idaho respects rural values and rural industries. Idaho has a lower cost of living and lower taxes.

In addition to Morrow County, Klamath County, Oregon voted in favor of the Greater Idaho initiative, according to preliminary election results on Wednesday.

The southern Oregon county voted 56% in favor of the initiative, while Douglas County voted 47% in favor, Josephine County voted 49% in favor, and Klamath County voted 57% in favor when final results were tallied.

Almost half of Oregon’s territory has voted in favor of joining Idaho, according to Greater Idaho.

On Wednesday, Baker County voted to become the fourth Oregon board of commissioners to ask lawmakers to address Greater Idaho’s proposal in the State Legislature.

“Moving the border would let us live and let live. We know we’ll never make Portland agree with us, and we ask that state leaders understand that our communities will never agree with Portland. We will keep sending legislators who slow down their legislature and block their bills,” McCarter said.

“If they want to make progress, they will have to let us join Idaho. Eastern Oregon has always been different culturally and occupationally from the Willamette Valley. Eastern Oregon is using the democratic process. If it’s wrong for Ukraine to be forced into Russia, then it’s wrong for Oregon to hold eastern Oregon captive against its will,” he continued.

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