Shot clocks are coming to Idaho high school basketball

The clocks will be in place for 2024 state tournaments
The clocks will be in place for 2024 state tournaments
Published: Jun. 9, 2022 at 11:33 AM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — After a unanimous, 11-0 vote in the Idaho High School Activities Association (IHSAA) monthly board meeting Wednesday, shot clocks are coming to the prep scene.

The ruling means in 2024, the Idaho state basketball championships will feature 35-second shot clocks.

Kimberly boys basketball head coach Daren Garey is in favor of a shot clock, but didn’t see it coming this quick.

“I kind of figured that it would be one of those things that would be talked about a long time and never really happen, at least as long as I was coaching,” Garey said.

For now though, the only place where the shot clock is only guaranteed is at the state tournament.

“I don’t think our board wanted to get into a situation where we’re forcing school boards or schools to pony up a bunch of money when they really don’t have it, or maybe don’t want it,” said IHSAA Assistant Director Mike Federico.

Schools and conferences will have the option to decide if and when to implement clocks for games outside of the state tournament.

With nothing on the books for next season, Burley Athletic Director Randy Winn doesn’t see the Bobcats using a shot clock for the 2022-2023 season.

“But the year after, we will definitely use it,” Winn said. “I’m sure our whole conference will because it makes no sense to not use it when you’re going to face it in the state tournament.”

As District IV basketball commissioner and an experienced college-level referee, Winn knows there will be some growing pains when the clocks are in place.

“I would hope everybody that comes into a District IV facility to watch a game will be patient with our referees because it’s going to be a big learning curve. I’m sure a year at least, a season, to get through it for everybody to understand what’s going on,” Winn said.

The one thing about the rule change that most agree on, is it will make Idaho basketball better, and coach Garey emphasized the impact it will have on defense.

“Defensively know you can now press to not just get turnovers, you can press to kill 8-to-9 seconds before a team gets over, now they got less of a shot clock to work with,” Garey said.

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