Behind the Business: Twin Beans Coffee Company

Behind the Business: Twin Beans Coffee Company
Published: Jul. 27, 2022 at 4:26 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The farmer’s market is a place where local producers go to share their crafts. For Samantha Buffalo and her father, this is where they got their start.

“We’ve been roasting coffee for over 12 years now, that was how we got our start,” said Buffalo. “Just an interest in hobby roasting.”

Over their two years at the farmers’ market, they developed quite a following.

“We started daydreaming about the opportunity to have a storefront,” Buffalo said.

With that, Twin Beans Coffee Company was born on East Main St. in Twin Falls.

“It was really exciting to see people get introduced to coffee in a new way,” said Buffalo.

What was the new way? Craft coffee—a type of coffee where relationships are built with farmers, coming directly from the farm to the roaster. While Buffalo says the price point may be higher, the taste is no doubt better.

“They’re like ‘Oh this doesn’t need cream and sugar’ or ‘I like it black’,” she said. “The response was great”

This is what makes them most unique.

“Our passion is for excellence for a really good product,” Buffalo said. “I would say the other half of that though is we’re really passionate about sharing it with our community.”

That passion has led them to want to make coffee approachable.

“The early days of craft coffee were really snobby. As a culture, craft coffee really meant snobby coffee,” said Buffalo. “And so, when we got started, we wanted coffee to be approachable.”

They’re thankful that the community has allowed them to share their coffee.

“It has felt like we’ve developed a family in Twin that’s so much bigger than we could’ve ever imagined,” said Buffalo. “We love our community.”

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