New Joslin Field screening device hopes to improve travelers’ experiences

The machine takes visual slices through the bag at multiple angles using CT technology
Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 4:33 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — While it may be a behind-the-scenes process, it used to take a whole lot longer for checked luggage to be screened at the Twin Falls Regional Airport. That is, until Friday.

“We have the latest and greatest screening technology for checked baggage installed here, which is good news for our officers because they no longer have to open every single bag,” said Andrew Coose, the federal security director for the T.S.A.

The new process allows for bags to go through a CT scanner, allowing officers to see every part of the bag at once.

“They can now be assured that their bags will be screened to the highest possible security levels,” said Coose.

How does it work? The machine takes visual slices through the bag at multiple angles using CT technology.

The images are then run through an algorithm that identifies densities of potentially dangerous items, such as explosives. If something in a bag is identified, the bag is stopped and all other bags continue through the conveyor belt without incident.

“This type of technology is just going to make for more efficiencies. Bags will flow quicker, we’ll get them out to the plane,” said Bill Carberry, the airport manager at TWF.

Carberry says that, as the area continues to grow, an increasing need for more efficient technology will present itself. “It’s really going to help us and our passengers long term,” he said.

How is the airport paying for it? A federal program through the Department of Homeland Security. “They wanted to make sure that this technology was available at airports from all the way to the size of JFK and Los Angeles, down to Twin Falls,” said Coose.

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