A ‘distinct’ smell is causing problems in one Twin Falls neighborhood

Something is brewing on Canyon Rim Road in Twin Falls, and residents are not too fond of it.
Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 5:37 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Residents along the canyon rim in Twin Falls are facing a *unique* challenge. KMVT’s Zach Bruhl tells us what the residents, and the city, are doing to solve the issue.

Something is brewing on Canyon Rim Road in Twin Falls, and residents are not too fond of it.

An odor, that comes from manholes along the road has begun to be intolerable for those who live near it.

“It seemed to always be down there, and you get through it and you’re fine. But over the past few years it’s gotten steadily worse,” said Canyon Rim Road resident, Nathan Bishop.

The odor comes out of the mainline of the sewer, which runs directly in front of Bishop’s house.

According to a city-contracted plumber he spoke with, years of growth in the area had led to the pipe being completely overloaded.

“My house hooks directly into the sewer line. There is some event, something happens, that causes pressure, and it pushes back into my house, out my vents,” said Bishop.

Bishop says each night, around 8:30 pm, the odor becomes overwhelming, filling his house, yard and neighborhood with a sulfuric smell.

The city thinks they have tracked down the source.

“We believe that it’s an industrial discharge issue. We have some industrial users who dump fluid into the wastewater system and that’s causing that odor,” said Twin Falls Spokesperson, Joshua Palmer.

Bishop says that while the city troubleshoots the issue, he and his family are battling the side effects of the smell.

“We’ll wake up in the morning with headaches, sore throats, just those things that make a real nuisance. You read up on it and it says that it can potentially be dangerous,” said Bishop.

Bishop has contacted the city, on several occasions, to report the smell and says he speaks with neighbors regularly about the issue.

The city has started to work with companies using lines for industrial discharge, having them add solutions that reduce sulfur levels, but the city needs more consistent reporting to more effectively combat the issue.

“Every report does help us. We have a form that’s available online, it’s pretty easy,” said Palmer. “You can fill it out, seven or eight questions, and that helps us track down the odor.”

If you live in the area and experience the smell, reporting it will help build the city’s case for enforcing action upon the businesses responsible for the industrial discharge.

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