Behind the Business: Full Steam Espresso

Published: Aug. 31, 2022 at 6:06 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Almost 3 years ago, Matthew and Summer Brander decided they wanted to go into the coffee business.

“Matt roasting coffee. He actually does his own roasts, and so we were approached by the previous owner to come into business with him,” said Summer Brander. “Eventually we just bought him out.”

With that, Full Steam Espresso on Filer Avenue East in Twin Falls was born.

Since then, the company has grown quite a bit.

“We went from about six employees to about 17 employees,” said Brander. “We doubled the business by opening our shop over at Second South Market.”

Customer service is what makes them most unique.

“We have the absolute best customer service,” Brander said. “Our baristas are top notch - that’s what really sets us apart.”

In fact, they say that their customer service is so good, that the baristas may already know your order. That is, if you’re a regular.

“They just look outside our window, they look down the line, and they get those drinks lined up and everybody is out in a minute,” said Brander. “It just goes very quickly.”

For those new to the business, one very unique item on the menu is their in-house brews.

“We have in-house made cold brew. We do not outsource any of that,” said Brander. “We make it ourselves. Drinks like that that are very unique to us. We make it in-house.”

The Branders are very thankful for all of the community support they’ve seen.

“We could not have these shops without them,” Brander said.