Community comes together to support victims of Limelight Condo Fire

Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 11:07 AM MDT|Updated: Sep. 8, 2022 at 1:56 PM MDT
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KETCHUM, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) —The Ketchum community is still recovering after a devasting fire wiped out an entire condominium complex, leaving many displaced. Now the community is coming together to help those who lost, possibly everything

Saturday’s fire, which was started by a BBQ grill in one of the upper units, quickly spread and destroyed 26 units at Limelight Condominiums. It is still an open wound for the Ketchum community.

Ketchum(City of Ketchum)

“You never really think it is going to happen, but then it does,” said Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw.

He added in the fire aftermath, it was believed that 10 of the 26 units were permanent housing for local residents, but it is actually much higher.

“So really it is about 18 condominiums that housed full-time residents, affecting 27 people,” Bradshaw said.

The remaining units were part-time housing or were being utilized as short-term rentals. Additionally, Bradshaw said there has been an outpouring of people opening up their homes for people who are displaced, bringing new life to the mantra ‘Ketchum Strong’.

“More than 75 homes are being made available for short-term, temporary solutions,” Bradshaw said. “No, they are not all being used. In fact, some of them may be used for the victims of the fire that is further north, the Foss Fork Fire. Again, overwhelming response from the community in making homes available.”

Since the condo fire, there has been a huge response from the community of people donating bags of clothes, appliances, and a bunch of other things to places like the Gold Mine Thrift Store in Ketchum.

“I feel we need these people. They are part of our community, and they are in very bad shape right now,” said Jane Mitchell, who donated clothing to the Gold Mine Thrift Store on Wednesday.

The Gold Mine Thrift Store Manager Sara Zagorski said their daily donations have doubled since the incident. She added they have received a ton of clothing, which is dire for the people who lost everything. They have also received a lot of bedding, linens, and towels. However, they can not take large items like beds, sofas, washers, and dryers, but they can take smaller appliances and pieces of furniture.

“I’m really happy to call this my home. I’m really proud of my home and how much people care. So just thank you,” Zagorski said.

Additionally, she said they have a free account set up for the victims of the LImelight Fire, and all they need to is come in.

Ketchum(Gold Mine Thrift Store)

Bradshaw said he is also proud to announce the Blaine County Charitable Fund has received roughly $110, 000 in donations, which he hopes can be dedicated toward housing solutions for those who are displaced.

“All we are looking at is what is available in the medium term, 3 to 6 months, and what is available for the long term, one and two-year leases. Then we can reach out to those affected, and see if they need financial assistance,” Bradshaw said.

If you can assist with housing, donations of clothing, and essential items or would like to make a financial contribution, please see the contact list below.

Short or long-term accommodations: City of Ketchum Housing Strategist Carissa Connelly: or 718-200-6055

Clothing and essential item donations: The Gold Mine Thrift Store: 331 Walnut Avenue North, Ketchum, ID. 208-726-3465

Financial donations: Blaine County Charitable Fund

Ketchum(City of Ketchum)