Hansen, Tyler

September 24, 2022, age 47
Tyler Hansen of Rupert, Idaho, passed away Saturday, September 24, 2022, in the comfort of his...
Tyler Hansen of Rupert, Idaho, passed away Saturday, September 24, 2022, in the comfort of his home at the untimely age of 47.(Rasmussen-Wilson Funeral Home)
Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 3:46 PM MDT
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RUPERT—Tyler Hansen of Rupert, Idaho, passed away Saturday, September 24, 2022, in the comfort of his home at the untimely age of 47.  He passed away from complications related to Type 1 Diabetes.  He leaves behind a family who cared about him deeply and although many of the relationship dynamics were complex, there was an undeniable bond between them all.

Tyler was born in Burley, Idaho, on April 17, 1975, to Roger Scott Hansen and Cynthia Louise (Olson) Hansen.  He is the third of seven children born to this marriage.  Throughout his childhood the family lived in Gilbert, Arizona, and Manasquan, New Jersey, before returning to the Burley area.  These travels always held special memories for him.  He had a knack for being able to remember specific locations, events and probably even the costs of adventures while growing up.  Sometimes these adventures resulted in injury, which he was prone to.  There were falls, broken bones, go-kart wrecks, scrapes, multiple concussions, and burns…just to name a few.

Tyler kept things in the Hansen household interesting.  He had an inquisitive nature, to put it mildly.  If you spent much time around him, you know exactly what this means…questions, and a lot of them. 

During his teen years he developed an interest in cars.  He loved anything old and ended up growing quite the collection.  He was interested in anything with an engine and was often seen tinkering with his boat, small train, tin lizzy, or one of his many cars.  His spirit will live on through the cars that he gifted to his nieces and nephews.

Even from childhood, Tyler had a generous spirit.  He gave, even when he didn’t have enough for himself.  He loved all children, but especially his nieces and nephews, Shelby, Jerrin, Zion, Abby, Revan, Alia, Savannah, Carver, Jaycee, Blaize, OnaVee, Zeke and Gianni.  He showered them with time, attention and plenty of gifts. 

In adulthood he had a best friend in his German Shepherd, Sadie.  He went to the ends of the Earth and back giving her the very best life possible. We can be assured there was a joyous reunion in Heaven with Tyler and Sadie.

He held various jobs always keeping busy whether it was factory work, construction or running his own business.  Tyler was a helper and could be depended on to show up when needed.  He was a loyal friend.  He helped care for his mother in the months preceding her death, always keeping a tidy and trimmed yard at her house.  He helped babysit his nieces and nephews often and was ready to take them on an adventure whether to the hot springs, boating on the Snake River, Bear World, to a parade or rides in his car collection to get a treat at the gas station.

Tyler was preceded in death by his mother, Cindy Hansen; and brother, Ryan Hansen.  He is survived by his father, Roger (Brenda) Hansen of Burley; his siblings and closest family members, Scott Hansen of Burley, Monica (Sammy) Parah of Denver, Colo., Alicia Catmull of Rupert, Zac Hansen and Cabe (Wendy) Hansen both of Burley, Jerrod Catmull of Phoenix, Ariz., and Dorene Blevins of Paul; and many nieces and nephews.

Special thanks to the nurses and care givers who provided countless hours of care to Tyler over the last several years.

A memorial service will be held celebrating Tyler’s life at 2 p.m. Saturday, October 1, at Rasmussen-Wilson Funeral Home, located at 1350 E. 16th St., in Burley.  Burial will follow at Pleasant View Cemetery in Burley.