Blue wave or red tide, what is in store for Idaho’s midterms

Recently, more than 50 well-known Republican leaders from across Idaho announced their support for Democratic Idaho Attorney General
Published: Oct. 13, 2022 at 4:49 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) —Midterm elections are a little less than a month away. Republicans are hoping to keep Idaho red, but democrats want to add a touch of purple to the state.

The elections are on November 8th, and here in Idaho the Democrats have their platform which addresses everything from building strong schools to fair tax policy.

“But the big one is undoing the Republicans cap on the homeowners exemptions from 2016, which shifted an enormous amount of the property tax load on to homeowners and away from commercial interest,” said Idaho Democratic Party Chair Lauren Necochea.

However, the republicans are more focused on giving Idahoans relief from inflation and strengthening the economy.

“Folks are very confused or upset at what they pay at the gas pump and the grocery store,” said Twin Falls County Republican Party Chair Suzanne Hawkins. “They want to make sure they elect people who will look at spending as well as taxing issues.”

However in a recent KMVT poll question, outside of the economy, some voters said they are concerned about abortion issues in this upcoming election cycle. Something Idaho Democrats feel they can capitalize on. Idaho’s has a law on the books that criminalizes nearly all abortions, and another law that allows individuals to sue medical professionals who preform an abortion.

“I feel in Idaho the majority are pro life. They do want to stand up for the life of the unborn, and have a voice for those who do not have a voice for themselves,” Hawkins said.

Neccochea said her party hopes to pick five or more seats in the legislature this midterm election, and her party might benefit from what some voters see as division in the Idaho Republican Party.

“I have yet to see the Idaho Republican Party chairwoman (Dorothy Moon) publicly endorse [Brad] Little and [Scott] Bedke,” said Neccochea. “Their top list candidates for governor and lieutenant [governor].”

Additionally, she feels the extremist wing of the Idaho Republican Party might chase some longtime republicans to vote Democratic this year.

“What we are seeing is more voters are migrating toward Democrats because we are bringing the common sense solutions when it comes to adequate funding for schools,” said Neccochea. “When it comes to our property taxes being fair.”

However, Hawkins feels there’s room for many voices under the Idaho Republican Party tent, and in the end voters will vote to keep Idaho red.

“Idaho is built on family values, and I think family members push those values on from one generation to the next. That is one thing we have been successful with here,” Hawkins said.

Recently, more than 50 well-known Republican leaders from across Idaho announced their support for Democratic Idaho Attorney General candidate Tom Arkoosh. They are urging other Republicans to join them. Some include former First Lady Lori Otter, Senators Patti Anne Lodge and Fred Martin, Representatives Fred Wood and Scott Syme, former Governor Phil Batt and former Senator Denton Darrington.