Behind the Business: Golf IN

So if you want to play Pebble Beach? There’s no need to go down to California.
Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 3:48 PM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Moving to Twin Falls four years ago, avid golfer Greg Olsen felt a little bored during the wintertime

“We’ve been in Twin Falls for about four years now…four and a half years…and every winter we feel like there needs to be something a little bit more,” said Olsen.

knowing the field well, Olsen decided to jump right in to virtual indoor golf.

“I enjoy golf…and I’ve seen the technology around and so just felt like it would be a great addition,” said Olsen.

With that, things started to feel a little less winter-like, and more summer-like on Second Avenue North in Twin Falls at Golf In, and it’s not your typical indoor driving range.

“We have games that you can play…where you can…you know…have ships exploding in the harbor…or … don’t know you hit statues on a range and things like that…besides that you can play actual courses,” added Olsen.

So if you want to play Pebble Beach? There’s no need to go down to California.

“Most of them are actual courses where the software, the company’s gone and tracked the courses via drone, and they have the elevations and so it’s a really realistic play,” said Olsen.

In fact, it’s so realistic, that the technology can pick up the nuances of your swing, and the motion of the ball down to the spin.

“You get the ball spin, the backspin and the side spin, and you can watch how bad your slice is. Basically, you can find out how bad you are at golf,” said Olsen.

Other than being open to the general public, reservations can be made for kids birthday parties or events.

“You can contact me, either through email or phone, and we could set up a time and get you scheduled for that,” added Olsen.

Golf IN is located at 161 2nd Ave N in Twin Falls.