Behind the Business: Magic Valley Foot and Ankle

A few months ago, Roberts decided it was time for a move to a new location in Twin Falls.
Published: Dec. 8, 2022 at 1:30 PM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Sometimes people realize what they thought they wanted to do isn’t what they really want to do. And this was true for Dr. Caleb Roberts.

“I went into podiatry because I was actually going to be a dentist and then I decided to change the opposite side of the body,” said Dr. Roberts.

Later, Roberts decided to start a practice of his own.

“I bought the practice from Dr. Greg Holdman about eight years ago so he had a very successful thriving practice, and I just came right in and just took over from what he was doing,” said Dr. Roberts.

A few months ago, Roberts decided it was time for a move to a new location in Twin Falls.

“Practicing over in the Professional Plaza over by Dicks Pharmacy, it was a great place for us. I think Dr. Holdman was there for thirty something years,” said Dr. Roberts. “I was there for almost eight and so we just barely moved here right of Washington, and it’s been really good.”

The quality of his staff is what he believes makes them most unique.

“I believe that with every good doctor there’s a good staff, so I really believe that my staff makes a big difference in my patients lives they care and they’re very thoughtful In what they do with the patients,” said Dr. Roberts.

Roberts believes that every patient should know what they’re getting into financially, so he prepares them with an estimate beforehand.

“I feel like we can verify insurances and let them know before they come here what their expected cost is going to be,” said Dr. Roberts.

And they love the community they serve.

“We just really care we care about being in twin falls we’re all from this area we all care about the magic valley and the services we provide,” said Dr. Roberts.