Behind the Business: Family Boxing and Fitness

It’s not just cryo-therapy, Family Boxing and Fitness offers other options when it comes to your recovery treatments.
Published: Dec. 15, 2022 at 4:17 PM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — In Downtown Twin Falls, Family Boxing and Fitness is giving athletes a new way of maintaining their peak physical conditions.

“We offer boxing classes for all ages, youth all the way up to adults, and at any level as well. We also Ju-Jitsu classes too.”

Kendra Samargis, is a Co-Owner of the gym, and is also a nationally ranked boxer in her own right.

Recently, Samargis suffered from an injury that could’ve taken her out for a significant amount of time, but thanks to the gyms unique recovery system, last week she was able to win her weight class on a national level.

“Our cryo machine is like a freezing chamber, so it gets down all the way to negative 220. the colder that you get your body’s going to send all the blood to your vital organs, that being said as soon as you step out it flushes your whole system with brand new blood. So then it gets rid of all the lactic acid, all inflammation build up,” said Samargis.

Gym member, Jorge Corona believes it works. He recommends you try it once so you can see the difference it makes for you.

“I’ve done it a hand full of times already, and each time that I done it, it helps my body out so much. All the little pains that I have are gone,” said Corona.

We checked in with Corona to see how he feels after the session.

“When I get out my body feels light and relaxed like when you get out of a hot tub and you feel heavy from being so relaxed that’s how I feel when I get out,” added Corona.

And it’s not just cryo-therapy, Family Boxing offers other options when it comes to your recovery treatments.

“Along with the cryo-therapy, we also do the compression socks that we have the legs the hips and the arms and then what that does is it helps increase circulation, so it helps to also get rid of lactic acid to help with sore muscles aches things like that and then we also do cupping as well,” said Samargis.

Family Boxing and Fitness is located at 510 2nd Avenue South in Twin Falls, for more information Click Here.