Behind the Business: The 208 Bar and Grill

Published: Dec. 22, 2022 at 6:46 PM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Last week, on Main Street in Downtown Jerome, The 208 Bar and Grill had their grand opening celebration.

Manager Josh Nunes says it’s more than just a new business in Jerome, it’s a place where familiar faces can connect or reconnect.

“A lot of people get trapped here because they’ll come in here for a beer, or even a soda and food, and somebody they know is going to walk in and they reopen a tab - and then somebody else they know walk in and then by 9:30 the 986 side Is especially packed with everybody that knows everybody,” said Nunes.

Owner Debbie Urrutia says she wanted The 208 to be more than just a eatery. She wanted a place for the community to come together.

“That’s why we chose the ‘208′ as the theme we wanted everyone to just feel you know comfortable here and Idahoans to feel comfortable but also anybody from out of state if they’re visiting to get that warm Idaho welcome,” said Urrutia.

Downtown Jerome already has established restaurants like El Sombrero and Choates Family Diner, who have welcomed 208 into the mix.

“I’m friends with Rosa at El Sombrero and you know she was very happy for us to be embarking on this, and right away when she caught on the what was going on. It feels really great to be apart of that Jerome society,” said Urrutia.

It’s not just the liquid libations. The 208 offers a variety of food at your fingertips.

“Beer soaked and liquid soaked ribs, we have top sirloin steak served with garlic mash, broccoli, we have asparagus, we have flat breads, our burgers are pretty proud of our burgers we have here,” said Nunes.

Urrutia has been in the restaurant business for many years as the owner of the Cove in Twin Falls. She wanted to bring a similar vibe to Jerome.

“A great vibe, we started talking about how cool it would be to have a place like that in Jerome,” said Urrutia.

Right next door to The 208 is The 986, it’s a more traditional bar setting.

“And the other side which is called The 986 side and we had to open for just like bar service I guess at first and we introduced food a little after that,” said Urrutia.

Nunes says you don’t have to drive to Twin Falls to for a good meal.

“I’m trying to save my fellow people from Jerome a trip to twin I’m trying to bring Twin to Jerome ,” said Nunes.

The 208 is located at 220 West Main Street in Downtown Jerome.