Behind The Business: The Sodamix

The Sodamix has a little bit of everything to hit the spot.
Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 11:48 AM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Last month, on Washington Street in Twin Falls, The Sodamix had their grand opening event.

Co-Owner Krista Coates says what’s great about the business is you don’t have to go to multiple places to get your fix, Sodamix has a little bit of everything to hit the spot.

“I think the combination of doing cookies fresh everyday and then also doing the drinks on top of that it gives everybody kinda a one stop they don’t have to hit multiple locations to get their cookie fix or their drink fix. You can kinda get everything here and so I think that makes us a little unique,” said Coates.

Though there are other soda shops in Twin, Coates says what makes them different is they make their cookies from scratch daily.

“The difference would be that we just have cookies, ice cream and some of those are just more geared towards drinks, or just drinks and cookies some of them have cookies. But where we hit the mark is that we have cookies fresh daily, we make everything from scratch and so some of the other places aren’t don’t have that capacity,” said Coates.

Sodamix serves 5-6 basic cookies, as well as one mystery, or surprise cookie every week.

Then every other week they debut a new cookie. Coates says being fun and flavorful gives the town more variety.

“Something fun and flavorful and a quick drink and cookie on the go I think it helps broaden all of our the things we have in town I think it gives everybody a good mix of items available here so I think it’s good to support each other and to keep building and growing and helping our town grow,” said Coates.

Cookies are 3.50 a piece and 13 dollars for a box of 4. All drinks are available sugar-free. Coates says they offer an assortment for everyone in the family.

“In our store we sell the cookies the drinks and energy drinks and waters fresh waters with all kinds of flavoring in them that are super good and we also sell ice cream nachos and pretzels and so we kinda have an assortment for everybody in the family,” said Coates.