Burley High School students held unique fundraiser over the weekend to raise money for music program

Many of the students who performed this weekend made it into state competitions
Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 11:32 AM MDT
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BURLEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — If you heard music at Burley High School this weekend, students were not rehearsing for a recital of musical performance - but helping to raise money for a good cause.

It was a fundraiser, and a unique one at that.

Custom Fundraising Solutions partnered with the Burley High School Music Program as they brought 28 mattresses to sell as students entertained them.

Custom Fundraising Solutions is a fundraising organization that takes a creative approach to raising money, through mattress sales.

“We’ve had people in all day long - sleeping on our floor, testing the mattresses and things and it’s been a great company to have come in - and my kids have been performing all day singing and playing instruments and having fun and making the atmosphere nice,” said Dusty Fisher – Choir Director.

Many of the students who performed this weekend made it into state competitions and unique fundraisers like this one on Saturday helps schools pay for programs like music.

“Our music program is not funded by our district which is pretty normal for most of the music programs in the state. So, we are raising funds for next year so we’re able to buy music and buy instruments and repair stuff. We have great kids, and we want to be able to offer them the best we can,” said Fisher.

If you missed this weekend’s fundraiser - and want to help the Burley High School Music Program.

You can donate directly to the school and note that it’s for the music program.