Voters give the go-ahead to area school districts on Election Night

Published: Mar. 15, 2023 at 12:25 AM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Area school districts earned some major victories Tuesday night in the March Consolidated Election.


Voters said yes to two supplemental levy questions. The first was a levy of $225,000 for two years benefitting salaries, plus supplies and materials for the schools. The second was in the amount of $75,000 per year for two years dealing with salaries and benefits pertaining to the continuation of a fine arts program (music). They passed with 79.58% in favor and 20.42% against.


School officials can rejoice for the 10-year plant facilities levy, after it narrowly passed Tuesday night. The plant facilities levy is broken down into these monetary increments: Year 1 $2,900,000 Year 2 $3,000,000 Year 3 $3,100,000 Year 4 $3,200,000 Year 5 $3,300,000 Year 6 $3,400,000 Year 7 $3,450,000 Year 8 $3,450,000 Year 9 $3,450,000 Year 10 $3,450,000. The levy passed with 56.99% in favor and 43.01% against. It needed 55% approval. Voters stemmed from Cassia, Oneida and Twin Falls counties, but only certain eligible Murtaugh residents could vote from TFCO.


Voters agreed to support a 30-year bond for the purpose of constructing a small multipurpose/practice gym with three attached classrooms. The total amount estimated to be repaid over the life of the bonds, based on the anticipated interest rate, is $9,119,733 consisting of $6,000,000 in principal and $4,915,300 of interest, totaling $10,915,300. 57.96% voted in favor, 42.04% voted against. The ballot showed representation from Owyhee and Twin Falls Counties, but the Secretary of State’s Office didn’t provide voting results from Owyhee, not did Owyhee County have the March 14 election listed on their website.


Voters said ‘yes’ to a supplemental levy worth $759,000 for two years. The levy will help with costs associated with salaries and benefits for teachers and staff, school resource officers, safety and security, plus classroom supplies and curriculum, technology devices & software. And we can’t forget maintenance and transportation. The votes in favor totaled 58.93%, while those against were 41.07%. The makeup of voters including Gooding and Lincoln Counties.


Voters in the Hansen precinct approved a two-year supplemental levy of $290,000 per year. This would cover salaries and benefits (coaches, teachers, support staff), extra-curricular services (field trips, athletic bussing) technology, textbooks, and classroom materials, plus preschool and after-school programs. The vote tally was 75.34% in favor and 24.66% against.


Voters agreed to a two-year supplemental levy worth $1,250,000 per year, making up 4% of the budget. The levy allows the school district to afford extracurricular activities, including coaches and transportation. Plus, it also helps pay for secretaries, custodians, cafeteria workers, and classroom aides throughout the district. 66.58% voted in favor, while 33.41% voted against. The makeup of voters came from Gooding and Lincoln Counties as well.


Precincts in Twin Falls gave permission to a two-year supplemental levy, amounting to $5,700,000 each year. These funds cover safety and security (school resource officers, elementary security guards, security/behavior aids), as well as other security needs, plus extracurricular activities, and last but not least, salaries and benefits for teacher and staffing positions. 65.25% were in favor, while 34.75% were against.