A full week of testimony heard in the Lori Vallow Daybell trial

A recording of a phone call between Lori and Summer from June of 2020 was played for the jury.
Published: Apr. 28, 2023 at 5:23 PM MDT
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BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — This week, the jury heard from several law enforcement agencies as well as the families of Lori Vallow Daybell and Tammy Daybell.

Rexburg Detective David Stubbs testified about cell phone activity, internet searches and email accounts for Lori, Chad Daybell and Alex Cox. The detective was also asked about their activity in Hawaii, including pictures that law enforcement had taken, including their wedding.

Then the FBI agent, who was assigned to the case, testified and showed a presentation of dates and purchases surrounding Lori and Chad’s marriage and searches for rings, and that the couple visited several temples in Idaho before Tylee was presumed to have been killed - sometime between September 8th or 9th.

Summer Shiflet, Lori’s sister, was sworn in as a witness (Shiflet is JJ and Tylee’s aunt). She says she was first made aware that the two were missing around December of 2019.

A recording of a phone call between Lori and Summer from June of 2020 was played for the jury.

“You went to Hawaii and were dancing on the beach while your kids are in the ground. You had to know that they were there.” “Lori, if you planned what happened to them and didn’t tell us that they would be in the ground like a piece of trash, then I don’t know you,” (audio recording from the trial).

During the call, Shiflet was heard asking for a reason, and talking about scripture. Vallow Daybell remained calm during the call and says that nobody understand, similar to what she told son Colby Ryan.

Here is court audio of the call.

“Nobody in the world knows what I’ve been through and I don’t expect you to. All you see is what’s on tv, what everybody says ... (inaduable) and all the people around you.”

Dr. Warren, with the Ada County Coroner’s Office, testified about the way the children were killed. Warren was in charge of performing the autopsies on JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan, Lori’s two children.

According to testimony from Warren, the cause of death for JJ Vallow was asphyxiation due to the plastic bag and duct tape around his head.

Some jurors had a difficult time looking at the pictures presented in court of JJ’s body. Pictures show that his ankles were also bound with duct tape.

Tylee’s death was ruled a “homicide by unspecified means,” Warren said. The lack of autopsy findings and medical records meant he couldn’t pinpoint exactly how Tylee died, but he said he believes she was killed.

The prosecution also called David Sincerbeaux, who recently retired from the Idaho State Police Lab as an Analytical Chemist. He stated that after testing Tylee’s flesh, and other debris collected at the burial site, they tested positive for gasoline.

Then more family took the stand.

Tammy Daybell’s sister testified about seeing Tammy right before she passed. She explained how Tammy looked fine and never said she was ill.

Court wrapped up for the week with testimony from a Fremont County dispatcher and the county coroner plus the jury hearing two phone calls. One Tammy Daybell made to 9-1-1 about a man with a paintball gun. That man turned out to be Alex cox with a real gun. And the call Chad Daybell made to 9-1-1 when tammy Daybell died.

Lori Vallow Daybell and her current husband Chad Daybell are both charged with first degree murder in the deaths of JJ and Tylee - and also face three counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

Both are being tried separately.