Behind the Business: R Organize

For Olander, it’s just another service to help make your busy life a little easier.
Published: May. 11, 2023 at 10:21 AM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — “My job is not to go in and tell you to get rid of stuff. My job is to go in and help you find a place, so that the chaos and the scatter can be gone,” said Owner of R Organize - Riquel Olander.

For many Idahoans, long/cold winters leave little time to make sure some of the most used areas in your home are looking good and are nicely organized. Hence… spring cleaning.

But if organizing everything seems a little too daunting for you, R Organize in Twin Falls is there to save the day.

“R Organize is a service that comes into your home, office, work or wherever it may be and really helps your hone into all of your items,” said Olander. “I organize anything you can imagine, from your bedroom drawers to garages, man caves, baby nurseries, bathrooms, closets… all of it.”

Riquel Olander is the owner of R Organize. She says the most common issue for her clients is clutter.

“When you’re surrounded in a place with clutter, you go to look for something and you can’t find it… it really has a heavy weight on your shoulders,” said Olander.

As for R Organize, her most frequent jobs revolve around the kitchen pantry.

“The pantry is R Organizes most hired space. It’s because it’s an area that every member of the household touches daily,” said Olander. “One thing that that we do often is called ‘De-Canting’ and what it is, is putting product inside a clear space and it really helps to save money. When it’s out like this you can see it, it’s easy to grab and you know at a glance when you need to go grocery shopping and refill.”

Now, hiring a professional organizer might be a pretty foreign idea to some of the self-sufficient communities in southern Idaho.

But for Olander, it’s just another service to help make your busy life a little easier.

“People get their lawns mowed, they get their cars serviced, they get their nails done, they take their kids to the dentist,” said Olander. “All those types of things, that’s what organizing is.”

And as for what it will cost you to have R Organize - organize your life?

“It’s $35 an hour, and if you’ve looked up organizers… that is an incredibly low rate,” said Olander.

If you would like to learn more about R Organize, or even set up a free consultation, you can contact Riquel directly at 1(208)404-8511.

Or on Instagram and Facebook @ROrganize.