Tuck Everlasting to be performed at the Orpheum Theatre in Twin Falls

Live on Rise and Shine: Tuck Everlasting
Published: May. 23, 2023 at 10:35 AM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The Magic Valley Repertory Theatre is preparing to present ‘Tuck Everlasting’ at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Twin Falls.

‘Tuck Everlasting’ is a musical following the life of eleven year old Winnie Foster as she explores somewhere she has never been before, beyond her own house and yard.

She meets a family that has infinite youth and must decide to return to her previous life or stay with the Tuck family.

One actor in the play says he thinks there is something in this show for everyone.

“I feel it’s a story about humanity, it’s a story about our life, and what is it about life, as Palmer kind of mentioned, she has lost her father in the play, and she is afraid of that part of her life, but really death is part of our life, and I think that is what’s great about this story it teaches us about life and death together and what that meaning really is,” said Dusty Blackburn, who plays Angus Tuck in the play.

The show opens on June 9th and runs until June 19th.

For more information on where to purchase tickets, you can visit this link.