Twin Falls woman takes ownership of a local bookstore in a unique way

That bookstore is DAP Books Twin Falls.
Published: May. 25, 2023 at 5:14 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — A local woman’s dream has come true thanks to a unique and special opportunity.

Melody Mack recently saw a post on social media that said there was a chance to win the opportunity to take over ownership of an already running bookstore in downtown Twin Falls.

That bookstore is DAP Books Twin Falls.

“It wasn’t like drawing a name out of a hat, it was more that they submit the reasons they would want to own a bookstore, what they would do with it, what type of community events would be involved,” said Sequoia Schmidt.

Sequoia Schmidt started the business as a retail shop for her publishing company, Di Angelo Publications.

But after realizing that she didn’t have the time to maintain both businesses, she had a really out-of-the-box idea.

Basically… give it away. (to the right person)

“We sat down as a staff and we were like ‘ok, there is somebody’s dream to run a bookstore’. Our love is the publishing side, the creating of the stories… but there is somebody’s dream it is to run a bookstore,” said Schmidt.

That dream belonged to Melody Mack.

She says at first, she didn’t even think this opportunity was real, but took a shot in the dark anyway.

“It was kind of a joke when I first filled out the survey, because I thought that they were not going to pick me, I don’t have time… but if I didn’t fill out the survey id kick myself latter,” said new owner Melody Mack.

That survey asked if you were to take over ownership – how would you use this location to better the community of Twin Falls?

Mack was not shy with her ideas.

“I have been preparing my whole life for this moment to fill out this question. I wrote so many things down and after quite a while I was like ‘oh, I should probably stop’ I’m probably overwhelming them,” said Mack.

For Schmidt she knew Mack was the right fit to take over.

“We narrowed it down and did some in-person interviews and one of those applicants was Melody Mack. Melody submitted a great application,” added Schmidt.

DAP Books Twin Falls is currently open and located at 250 Main Ave West in Twin.

Mack does plan to hold a grand opening celebration in a few weeks.