Amalgamated Sugar Factory unveils new office building and research center

Amalgamated Sugar Factory unveils new office building and research center
Published: Jun. 8, 2023 at 1:32 PM MDT
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Amalgamated Sugar Factory in Twin Falls employs more than 450 people, and Wednesday they unveiled their newest facilities at their factory.

Amalgamated Sugar Factory in Twin Falls is excited to be moving in to their new administrative building and research lab, a process that has been years in the making.

“This is a 125-year-old company and facilities get old and there are some old facilities here and they were small, they fit then, but we are here now, and we are growing,” said Mike Garner, the chairman of the board of directors for the Amalgamated Sugar.

The new buildings are state of the art and cost more than 7 million dollars.

For the CEO and President, he says a building like this is integral for the entire staff.

“Running these facilities takes a lot of coordinated effort, it’s a lot of relationship building, it’s a lot of work to make sure we are doing the best job we can, and I think the employees, all of our employees need to have good functional safe working space, and that’s what the building does,” said John McCreedy, the CEO and president of Amalgamated Sugar.

One of the main highlights is a new central lab, which is three times the size of their current lab, and has been ISO certified, which means they are following the required standards exaclty as they are laid out.

“We do in process testing, quality checks for the factory and then we also do specialized final product sugar testing for our micro lab and for pharmaceutical sugar,” said Nick Castle, the lab services manager.

For the Plant Manager, he is excited to continue to see his facility grow and remain an important part of the entire Magic Valley.

“The facility is growing, but a big part of it is trying to attract and retain new employees to the area, and having a new office space shows what we mean as a company,” said Ian Kihara, the plant manager.