Jerome Police Department moves into brand new station

Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 3:24 PM MDT
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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The Jerome Police Department is excited to be at their new police station.

Located at 223 1st Avenue East in Jerome is Jerome Police Department’s new station, but the journey to this new building has been years in the making.

“Well, it started about 2016 when the city decided to start putting savings away for it so we wouldn’t have to do a bond, and we were able to save enough to start building about a year ago,” said Chief Duane Rubink with the Jerome Police Department.

Barring a few setbacks, the process has been pretty smooth, and as of last Friday, the Jerome Police Department is officially moved in to their new building.

“We went from about 3,000 feet to 12,000, the plan here was for a 50 year solution to allow for future growth, so it’s a little big right now but it won’t be for long, we are hoping to make it last a long time,” said Rubink.

Their new facility is state of the art and has room for the police department to grow and expand.

“This gives us a lot of opportunities we didn’t have, we have training rooms now, we have a gym with showers and locker rooms and things like that, we can host trainings here, we can train our officers, get a little bit more things done for them that way, so it just provides a little bit more room for them to breathe,” said Rubink.

And Chief Rubink says all 20 of his officers and other support staff are excited to be at their new station, which will help the entire city of Jerome.

“Obviously it really beautified this section of town in an older building that was empty for quite a long time, we were able to completely gut that and make it new and a purpose built police station and it’s as you can see pretty state of the art, high tech building, I don’t think there is a nicer one in the state,” said Rubink.