Minidoka Memorial host 4th annual Teddy Bear Clinic over the weekend

All to help children be more comfortable in a doctor’s office or hospital setting
Published: Sep. 17, 2023 at 4:13 PM MDT
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RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) —Teddy bears need care too.

That’s why the Minidoka Memorial Hospital held its 4th Annual Teddy Bear Clinic in Rupert. Kids of all ages lined up with their favorite stuffed animals to get their annual checkup.

Staff from the Minidoka Memorial were stationed in a white tent ready to address the various needs of the patients.

Kids checked in then made their way to each station so they could have their animals blood pressure checked, getting vaccinations, having blood drawn, and even x-rays.

The main reason the hospital hosts the clinic, is so that children will be more comfortable in a doctor’s office or hospital setting, so when it’s their time to get a checkup, it won’t be quite so scary.

Dr. Jessica Bagby says, " The hope for today is that we show kids that going to the doctor isn’t scary and so it just encourages them when they do interface with the hospital setting or physicians and nurses it’s not scary that really were just here to help them and also to expose them to all aspects of health care.”

One of those aspects kids and stuffed animals got to check out the ambulance as well as the emergency Life Flight helicopter.

Which both the children and emergency staff enjoyed

Pilot Kevin Wiley says, “It’s always fun to interact on calls when the helicopter is running and all that we don’t get much of an opportunity to interact and obviously it’s really stressful. This is a much more fun way to see the community and get that face-to-face encounter. "

And while the Teddy Bear Clinic has come and gone until next year, the hospital remains open to care for you and your family year-round.