Salute to Idaho Agriculture: Koehn Trout Farms

Published: Sep. 22, 2023 at 11:26 AM MDT
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BUHL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Fish farming is not typically thought of when the word agriculture is mentioned, however Koehn Trout Farms just outside of Buhl has been working at their craft for over 25 years.

The fish farm is owned by Jeff Koehn who has been involved with farming and agriculture his entire life. And he decided to turn his passions into his career and a business bearing his name.

“It’s a rewarding operation and again it’s my love for nature. I’ve always just had a passion for it ever since I got into it. I’ve had a passion for seeing what I could do trout farming. Dealing with nature there’s always challenges, new challenges. There are no rules, nature doesn’t follow any rules,” Koehn said.

Koehn currently does nearly all of the work himself putting in 12-14 hour days doing anything from taking care of the fish to water temperatures to harvesting and cleaning them prior to being put up for sale.

The vast majority of the Farm’s sales happen at farmers markets in both the Magic and Wood River Valleys.

Koehn does not do it 100 percent alone though and said his family does help occasionally, but they don’t have near as much interest in it as he does.

“My goal here too is, not necessarily as a small farmer to supply the world, but rather to concentrate on the Magic Valley and the Wood River Valleys. Supplying my local friends here with a product that they can know is good, healthy and pure,” Koehn said.

While Koehn concentrates his sales on the Magic and Wood River Valleys he reiterates that his product is meant for everyone, even those not native to Idaho.

“And to also give those that are passing through, the tourists, something to remember Idaho by,” Koehn said.

If you would like to give Koehn’s trout a try, they are available in five different flavors and can be purchased by many different methods offered on their website including online ordering, emailing or calling or texting Jeff himself.