Sun Valley Culinary Institute introduces new class of chefs

Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 9:10 AM MST
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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The Sun Valley Culinary Institute introduced their new class of culinary students to the public at their Bistro 211 Pop-up Lunch.

“I absolutely am so incredibly proud of my students and the students of the school, and Chef Joe and what he’s done over the last 10 weeks. These students-- from where they were 10 weeks ago, to where they are now--- have transformed,” said Executive Director, Karl Uri.

The class of 2024 consists of five student chefs and their final for the semester was to prepare a delectable three-course lunch for the community.

“Today’s menu is pretty interesting, we had butternut squash soup, students made a nice cowboy burger, a balm mai sandwich-- all vegetarian with a little bit of lemon grass sauce and to substitute for the meat we used shiitake mushrooms. Rice pudding for desert and blackened fish sandwich,” said Head Ched and Instructor, Joseph Tocci.

Those in attendance included the newly elected mayor of Bellevue, the mayor of Hailey and mayor Bradshaw of Ketchum. KMVT spoke with May Chris Johnson and here’s why he said he attended the event:

“Just the chance to see what food they’re making. I know we have some kids from Bellevue in the program, so to support them and to just congregate with my fellow mayors.”

All meals were $25 and packed as a take home order. All money collected for orders goes straight to the school’s fund to help students.

“The Sun Valley Professional Student Fund is our scholarship fund. It also helps cover the cost of housing. So, what we do is, we collect funds through donations and various charitable events throughout the year and that’s what we use to help offset the cost of students,” said Uri.

After November 17th, 2023, all five students will work externships over the next few months. They will return back to the school for their next instruction block in March of 2024.