Teacher Shoutouts: Special messages from teachers to students

Teacher Shoutout: Acequia Elementary School Paul Strauch
Teacher Shoutout: Acequia Elementary Peggy Gulbranson
Teacher Shoutout: Lighthouse Christian School Brooklyn Vander Stelt
Teacher Shoutout: Jefferson Elementary Crystal Winter
Teacher Shoutout: Mrs. Ussery from Twin Falls Christian Academy
Teacher Shoutout: Twin Falls High School Amanda Moore
Teacher Shoutout: Filer Elementary School teacher Rebecca Whitted
Teacher Shoutout: Glenns Ferry Elementary Viki Wilcox
Teacher Shoutout: Jerome High School Sonja Humphries
Teacher Shoutout: Mrs. Reed, Mountain View Elementary
Teacher Shoutout: Kimberly Elementary Sara Lee
Teacher Shoutout: Declo Jr. High/High School Mr. Wells
Teacher Shoutout: Richfield Elementary Cheri Ross
Teacher Shoutout: Horizon Elementary Erin Heileman
Teacher Shoutout: Cassia Regional Technical Center Alan Lloyd
Teacher Shoutout: Alicia Reynolds Immanuel Lutheran School
Mr. Dillard shout out
Teacher Shoutout: Mrs. White, Filer High School
Teacher Shoutout: Pillar Falls Elementary, Gail Kelley
Teacher Shoutout: Dietrich School staff
Teacher Shoutout: Raft River High School Branden Severe
Teacher Shoutout: Canyon Ridge High School, Janell Phipps
Teacher Shoutout: Filer Elementary School, Mrs. Paxton
Teacher Shoutout: Mountain View Elementary's Shaelyn Nunez
Teacher Shoutout: Burley Junior High School, Coach Kendell
Teacher Shoutout: Heyburn Elementary Mrs. Anderson
Teacher Shoutout: Pillar Falls Elementary, Mrs. Burch
Teacher Shoutout: Jefferson Elementary School, Mrs. Nicole Ferreira
Teacher Shoutout: Jerome Middle School, Mr. Robert Hunter
Teacher Shoutout: Burley Junior High, Deana Christensen
Teacher Shoutout: Valley Elementary, Mrs. Shelley McAuley
Teacher Shoutout: St. Edward's Catholic School, 5th Grade, Mrs. Mary Little
Teacher Shoutout: From Miss Gallegos and Mrs. Busmann Buhl Middle School

(KMVT/KSVT) — During this time of distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, southern Idaho teachers are giving shoutouts to their students.

Southern Idaho teachers give shoutouts to their students. (Source: Sensay/Adobe Stock/KMVT/KSVT)

With the end of the school year approaching, KMVT and ServPro of Twin Falls and Wood River Valley wanted to give teachers an opportunity to send a special message to their students.

Starting Thursday, KMVT is airing a new shoutout from a south central Idaho teacher daily during the weekdays, through the end of the school year.

The following shoutouts are from these area teachers and staff:
5/29 — Acequia Elementary School fourth grade teacher Paul Strauch

5/28 — Acequia Elementary School fourth grade teacher Peggy Gulbranson

5/27 — Lighthouse Christian School fourth-grade teacher Brooklyn Vander Stelt

5/23 — Jefferson Elementary School kindergarten teacher Crystal Winter

5/22 — Twin Falls Christian Academy teacher Mrs. Ussery

5/21 — Twin Falls High School science teacher Amanda Moore

5/20 — Filer Elementary School second grade teacher Rebecca Whitted

5-19 — Glenns Ferry Elementary kindergarten teacher Viki Wilcox

5-18 — Jerome High School teacher librarian Sonja Humphries

5/17— Mountain View Elementary's first grade teacher Mrs. Reed

5/16 — Kimberly Elementary School kindergarten teacher Sara Lee

5/15 — Declo Jr. High/High School's Mr. Wells

5/14 — Jefferson Elementary School's Chris Conover

5/13 — Richfield Elementary School third grade teacher Cheri Ross

5/12 — Horizon Elementary School teacher Erin Heileman

5/11 — Cassia Regional Technical Center Alan Lloyd

5/10— Immanuel Lutheran School teacher Alicia Reynolds

5/9 — South Hills Middle School teacher Michael Dillard

5/8 — Filer High School teacher Samantha White

5/7 — Pillar Falls Elementary School first grade teacher Gail Kelley

5/6 — Dietrich School District staff

5/5 — Raft River High School science and health teacher Branden Severe.

5/4 — Canyon Ridge High School freshman English teacher Janelle Phipps

5/3 — Filer Elementary Elementary School second grate teacher Camille Paxton

5/2 — Mountain View Elementary first grade teacher Shaelyn Nunez

5/1 —Burley Junior High School's Coach Kendell

4/30 — Heybyrn Elementary School first grade teacher Kari Anderson

4/29 — Pillar Falls Elementary School first grade teacher Kerrianne Burch

4/28 — Jefferson Elementary School reading teacher Nicole Ferreira

4/27 — Jerome Middle School special education teacher Robert Hunter

4/26 — Burley Junior High Vice Principal Deana Christensen

4/25 — Valley Elementary fourth grade teacher Mrs. Shelley McAuley

4/24 — St. Edward's Catholic School fifth and sixth grade teacher Mrs. Mary Little

4/23 — Buhl Middle School teacher Lizzy Gallegos and secretary Martha Busmann

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