Minidoka County Museum offers a sight of Rupert's Christmas past

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RUPERT, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Minidoka County Museum needs help from history buffs finding information on some vintage Christmas decorations.

"We really reaching to the community for some of these decorations to get some information from them whether they have the dates or maybe some old photos in their collections and to bring them,” said Melissa Alley, the Minidoka County Museum curator.

The decorations were found when Ray Stockton, a member of the board of directors for the museum, was cleaning out the sheds, where many donated antiques are stored.

"They are unusual really, they are different. You don't see these types of decorations anymore so it's kind of nice to go back and relive some of the early parts,” he said.

Stockton said the decorations were donated by the city and has a thought when they might have been displayed.

“Probably in the '60s, I would imagine that’s the last time they used them,” he said.

Alley said she learns more from the community while working at the museum.

“Often times we learn more from the guest than they do from us. It's really fun watching their face lights up and remember the things or to teach the younger generations,” she said.

If anyone wishes to share information on the decorations the museum will offer a prize. The museum can be reached at 208-436-0336.

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