100 Deadliest Days on Idaho Roads slated to break fatality records

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) It's been 15 days since Memorial Day which is also the start of 100 Deadliest Days on Idaho roads and according to Idaho State Police there have already been 9 fatal accidents.

100 Deadliest Days on Idaho roads in 2017 resulted in 90 fatalities, with nine so far into 2018’s stretch.

"Wear their safety belt all the time for every trip. No matter what, and to wear it properly," said Lieutenant Robert Rausch of Idaho State Police.

With the trend of fatalities this year is on track to be the highest deadliest day’s death toll on record.

"I would just say for folks who have had their license a long time, don't take for granted the fact that your experience has been helpful but it is not everything," Lt. Rausch said.

According to AAA teen drivers are two and a half times more likely to be involved in a crash.

"They're easily distracted so we have to deprogram some of that so that while they're driving that can focused on driving," said Rhett Larsen a driving instructor with SOS Driving School in Twin Falls.

"Driving is already a multitasking experience when you consider I have to keep my mind on where I'm going, I have to pay attention to signs and signals, pedestrians, other vehicles, animals and all the things that you have to already pay attention to," Lt. Rausch said.

Larsen says the distractions drivers face are like basketball players tuning out the crowd.

"With everything that goes on in the background behind the hoop, everyone with signs and cheering and flappy things they're able to focus on that hoop and drown out everything else," Larsen said.

Be a patient driver, while expecting the unexpected.

"If you expect people to do things that are dangerous and they don't make sense and they could result in a crash, if you expect that and look for that you will not be disappointed unfortunately." Lt. Rausch said.

"Don't be venerable to someone else's mistakes," Larsen said.

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