100 Year Flood: One year later

TWIN FALLS, Id. (KMVT / KSVT) For August, 2015 Twin Falls has had .05 inches of rain so far, one year ago, it was a different story.

Meteorologist Jack Holland recalls the significant weather event.

"A year ago today on August 6th we saw 1.7 inches of rainfall in a 24 hour period and in a 48 hour period we saw 2.7 inches of rainfall.

And with that much rain, we saw a lot of flooding across Southern Idaho, with house flooding and some basements.

We also saw some street flooding that damaged some vehicles at the Lithia Car Dealership.

It was pretty spectacular, the amount of rainfall we saw in just one day, which surpassed our average rainfall for the month of August in just one day... pretty unbelievable how much rain fell in just one day.

Just a low pressure system getting stuck right on top of the Gem State, very unseasonable, for Southern Idaho to see that much rain at any time of the year, especially in the month of August.

We've had a couple of days where some strong thunderstorms that were slow movers produced some flooding, but not flooding to the extent we saw on August 6th.

On August 6th of 2014 it was not only roads flooding, but dealerships flooding, people's basements flooding that we haven't heard about since that day last year.

It doesn't really show much difference between last year and this year, only some minor improvements.

All of Southern Idaho is under some type of drought condition still."