2 new Idaho laws take effect Jan. 1

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) New Year's is just a few days away, which means new Idaho laws will go into effect.

On Jan 1., two laws will take effect — House Bill 211 and House Bill 216.

One law will include a fee increase, and the second law will give Idaho homeowners the right to rent their property and short-term rental marketplaces to collect state and local taxes.

The persistence to keep our Idaho waters from aquatic invasive species such as quagga mussels seems to be a never ending fight. The House Bill 211 will increase the invasive species sticker for nonresidents from $22 to $30. All funds are generated for boat vessel inspections and the prevention of invasive species.

“We have a lot of beautiful mountain lakes that people travel from thousands of miles to enjoy with their families,” said Southern Idaho RV & Marine Finance Manager Casy Pearson. “Paying the $30 to make sure our boats are clean before they get into our water isn't that much to pay.”

Pearson agrees with how the funds will support boat inspections.

“It’s good that they are out there with their supplies and you could get your boat cleaned up and continue on with vacation," she said.

Motorized vessels registered in the state of Idaho will continue to be $10.

If you’re a homeowner and wanting to rent out your property, House Bill 216 will protect your right to do so.

The law will require short-term rental marketplaces such as Airbnb or other service providers that do contracts with homeowners to collect taxes for state and local governments.

"I want to be able to rent out my home out to whoever I want, for whatever length of time I want along as it’s not hurting the neighbors around me," said Keller Williams Broker Nicole Gabiola. “I think it's super important to keep your property rights intact, and I want the money to go back to the community so I’m fine with them collecting taxes.”

There’s more information on the two new laws at https://legislature.idaho.gov/statutesrules/

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