2018 Idaho Legislative wrap up

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BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The legislative session for 2018 is almost over, and some bills were more controversial than others.

Among them was House Bill 448, which passed. The bill allows women to breast feed in public without having to worry about being charged with indecent exposure or obscenity. It will be effective July 1.

One bill that failed was House Bill 585, which would have prevented convicted domestic abusers from owning a gun.

Rep. Maxine Bell talked about the testimony she heard with that proposal.

"There was an emergency room doctor who stood up and spoke to that, saying 'over his years, he had touched up too many broken faces on women who had been battered, and too many children with broken bones' and he felt that that person then so many times comes back with a gun," Bell said.

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