27th Annual Sun Valley Jazz and Music Festival

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27th Annual Sun Valley Jazz and Music Festival The 27th Annual Sun Valley Jazz and Music Festival is underway in Sun Valley.

The five day festival features 40 bands offering an eclectic mix of music.

“The music is a wonderful mixture of jazz, zydeco, big band. We have gypsy jazz, and I believe we have a blues band this year. Kyle Roland’s Blues Band. So it’s a wonderful combination. The roots of all that music comes from the same place and has lots of branches,” said Carol Loehr, Director of the Sun Valley Jazz and Music Festival.

“Back in the day we were doing like 20 festivals a year, traveling all around and this one quickly became the one with the reputation amongst the musicians,” said Brady McKay, vocalist.

“There are very few places where you get such a large mix of early styles of jazz and so even as a performer it’s wonderful to come and hear all these different styles of music and different bands that are focused on that,” said Kit Johnson, the Black Swan Classic Jazz Band.

The Sun Valley Jazz Festival estimates there are around 4000 attendees at this year’s event. There are still plenty more performances on Saturday and Sunday, so put on your cool cat sun glasses and come out to listen to some jazz.

“It’s just a happy place you know, it’s just a great place and I enjoy the people. It’s just a happy place,” said Harry Coffman, a patron.

The Sun Valley Jazz and Music Festival is based in the Sun Valley Village.

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