3-year-old injured in dog attack makes full recovery

WENDELL, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Nevaeh Lynne Goedhart, a 3-year-old Bliss girl injured after being attacked by a dog in September has made a full recovery following several surgeries and undertaking physical therapy according to her mother Alexiss Goedhart. Alexiss says thanks to the hard work of medical staff at St. Luke's in Boise, support from the community, and the perseverance of Nevaeh what was once a hope has now become a reality.

"Now we're hopping, jumping, and she's even attempting to jump on the couch which has scared me a few times," says Alexiss.

She also says she purchased a tricycle for Nevaeh to use in her physical therapy, which has done wonders for her recovery. And that one of the biggest surprises she's encountered, is that even after the experience Nevaeh went through in September, she isn't afraid of dogs.

"She has no fears of dogs, which is amazing," Alexiss says."She's taught me so much about resilience and the power of faith and prayers."

Over the course of Nevaeh's recovery her family incurred significant medical expenses according to Alexiss, and organizations within the southern Idaho have lent a hand to help lessen the burden. On Saturday, Nov. 30 Outlaws & Angels in Bliss organized and hosted a fundraiser for Nevaeh's family. A second fundraiser has also been planned. A benefit for Nevaeh Lyyne Goedhart organized by Rule The Day is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 21 at the Whiskey Creek Saloon and Grill in Twin Falls.

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