Good samaritan boater helps family in distress

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A family is relieved after being rescued from the waters at Centennial Park.

On Saturday at 4:22 p.m., the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Department got a call that a couple and their 8-month-old baby were stranded in the river after their boat's paddling mechanism failed them.

"I contacted them by phone and told them if they could get near the shore and grab a hold of something, to hold them until we got there," said Twin Falls Sheriff patrol deputy Stacy Gorrell. "They were able to maneuver the boat to get into some bushes further down the river."

Gorrell said the family was using a small paddle boat and had followed safety regulations.

"It's not motorized, it's more kind of a like play type boat. It'd be good on ponds, small lakes, not a fast moving river," Gorell said.

Gorrell said they called Twin Falls Swift Water Rescue team to help with the rescue.

"A civilian boat, a motorized boat had gone down the river and had hooked up to their boat and put everyone on their boat and was bringing them out by the time swift water got there," Gorrell said.

The family was all wearing life-jackets and faced no life-threatening injuries. Gorell said as we head into the summer, the community should make sure their boats are working properly.

"The river is really moving, you just want to make sure that your boat is in good shape," he said.

City of Twin Falls crews helped to locate the family out on the water.

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