4-H exhibitors talk raising and marketing their animals

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FILER, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Monday was the last day of the Twin Falls County Fair and 4-H exhibitors were getting ready to market their rabbits.

Two kids in the rabbit outbuilding said they have been raising their bunnies for at least a month now.

Alex Shindle and Precious Goff said they were selling their rabbits for $15 to $20.

According to Precious, who was marketing three of her bunnies, the animals have to be at least three pounds to sell. Last year, she said she didn’t make it.

“Ever since they were newborns,” Precious said of raising the rabbits she was selling off. It was a few weeks, she told KMVT. “We’ve been feeding them real good, so they made it. They made weight.”

Alex said it was his first time raising a rabbit and marketing it off.

“I get money and I get to raise rabbits and I get to spend time with the babies,” he said about the positives of raising the rabbits.

He said it was a lot of work to raise the bunnies, but he was excited to sell them.

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