Twin Falls County falls short of state's higher education goals

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Twin Falls County is falling short of reaching the state's goal for higher education.

The Gem State's Board of Education set a goal of having 60 percent of Idahoans age 25 to 34 complete a level of higher education.

However, only 31 percent of those residents in Twin Falls have graduated from college, according to data from the Lumina Foundation.

This includes graduates with a two or four year degree, and even a one-year professional certificate.

As a state, Idaho is ranked 45 nationally for ages 25 to 64 years with a college degree or one year certificate, according to the same data.

When Idahoans do attend college, they're not always graduating. Idaho awards about 20 degrees per 100 students according to the Penn Graduate School of Education.

For Twin Falls residents, they still have a chance to attend school and pursue their career dreams.

"It's not too late to apply at the College of Southern Idaho," CSI Admissions Coordinator, Maritza Vega said. "We encourage any community member to apply when they feel they're ready. We have a lot of scholarship opportunities for them as well. The spring semester is going to be starting in a couple of months in January. If anyone is thinking about possibly starting a technical degree or academic, come in and talk to us."

Any of the Gem State's problems with higher education is not due to spending. Idaho increased spending in the area by close to four percent last year, according to a study by Illinois State University.

Only ten states outpaced Idaho in higher education spending during the same time.

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